Cris "Crispy" Connors

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Skating since: 2000
1986 in Toronto
Likes to skate:
Round Rock Skatepark and ditches.  
Favorite spots:
Bone Daddy's.

Favorite places:
When I'm not skating, I'm: making $300 phone calls.

Crispy Photos

Boardslide - Pep Park Boardslide - Pep Park Fakie Frontside Kickflip - Japan Fakie Frontside Kickflip -...
Backside 5-0 - Wadlow Backside 5-0 - Wadlow Fakie Frontside Boardslide - Tokyo Fakie Frontside Boardslide...
  • Crispy - Land of Milk & Honey

    Crispy's part from 'EY: The Land of Milk & Honey', 2007.
    Posted: Mar 5, 2010
    Tags: crispy

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