Barcelona 2010 Slideshow 1

Date: October 19, 2010 Author: Mantis System Categories: News

Team EY's new full length Spain tour video "BEST IN EUROPE BRO!" has been put on hold until December 4th.
Team EY has been busy building a new indoor skatepark in the East York area - Team EY's Skate Loft. The new park is planned to open in early November, therefore in order to get the new park done the video is delayed until construction is complete.  'The Loft' will soon have a dedicated webpage on - check back for more information and details regarding: the opening day celebration, pictures of the layout, hours of operation, prices and planned video premieres, parties & events. Big things!

In the mean time, Zoomediaphile has put together a bunch of video slideshows from for our Spain tour.
(The three trailers for
"BEST IN EUROPE BRO!" are also on hold and will be now be released in late November.)

The first slideshow features days 1 to 4 in Barcelona: getting to Spain, skating the street-bumps at San Marti (with Beetle action!), skating more bumps at Torre Agbar (with Euro-stacking!), the Segrada Familia, a KFC on fire, breaking Fulton's lense, a day in the rain, skating at Forum & skating the Alfonzo X wedge (made famous by Guy Mariano's insane backtail to halfcab flip transfer).

Photos by: Nick Fulton, Ariel Stagni, Will Bartlett & Eric Simpson.

Barcelona - Part 1



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