Tangent Skate - ft. Nick Fulton and Team EY Hommies

Date: November 28, 2011 Author: Mantis System Categories: News

Nick Fulton Backside TailslideNicky Young, an east-end hommie of Team EY, posted up a piece on his blog about Tangent Skate Apparel.

Check out the short Article and Photos of the team riders here:


Tangent clothing is East York run, and operated by Pat Dysart and is supported by Team EY and Tangent Apparel rider Nick Fulton.

For more Tangent Skate Apparel info, team profiles, videos and their fall clothing line, check out www.tangentskate.com

Tangent Apparel

Nicky Young Photos

Pat Dysart Kickflip Fakie on your property