Loft video, Loft videos, Loft videos...

Date: January 24, 2012 Author: Mantis System Categories: News

If you've been to the loft lately you'll notice that some changes are going on.  We have a new roll-in bank for the hip to get more speed.  We are completely rebuilding and expanding the back wall bank/quaterpipe/wallride area to connect to the mini-ramp.  And...building a marble ledge! -- Should all be done in the next few weeks. Pics to follow.

Now that the EY Skate Loft is open to the public, there has been a flood of Loft video popping up on least 3-5 a week!
Here are three videos from O.G. EY Lofters...

Skate Loft HD
HD Video by ButtersOneism.  Several loft locals in a tight edit.

Fulton CPS Ep. 6
Cell Phone Sundays clips from Nick FultonPep & Latchkey getting some mini-ramp action.

Fulton CPS Ep. 8
Cell Phone Sundays clip from Nick Fulton.  An INSANE fakie flip on the extention on the mini-ramp from our best trick contest at the Loft in December.