Ashbridges Skatepark Phase 2 Saved!

Date: February 10, 2012 Author: Mantis System Categories: News

Thanks to everyone who contacted Councillor McMahon and showed support for the 2nd phase of the Ashbriges Skatepark.
Special thanks to Steve Kutsopolis and Jim Barnum for their efforts.
See the press release below, tender for the construction is going out in a few weeks.
I'm so glad to see the skateboard community come together and make their voices heard...keep it up!


Beach Skateboard Park Update from Councillor McMahon
Feb 9, 2012

This week Councillor McMahon met with community stakeholders and has come up with an alternative plan to get the Beach Skateboard Park bowl built. She met with representatives from the community, skateboard enthusiasts and city staff and been thoroughly impressed with everyone's commitment to this local park and facility.
"The project was always approved, we just had to ensure that the financing responsibilities were shared as widely as possible," explained Councillor McMahon.
"Balancing the requests and demands of other local residents who are facing disruptions caused by the TTC Ashbridges Bay storage yard construction project is never easy. I am happy to say that we've found some new sources of support that will allow us to divert some of the TTC monies to other local community benefits. The construction tender should be ready to go out in the next few weeks."
The bowl represents the completion of the skate park project that has been ten years in the making. "Nobody questions the importance of this facility to the community and how it lives up to our shared priorities of youth recreation, connected communities, vibrant park spaces and stewardship," she stated.
"Anytime I've been by this skate park there are people using it. It's taken an underutilized corner of the park and made it a hub of activity. Local parents and youth organize events, paint murals and even do the maintenance and clean-up of the skate park. This is the type of stewardship and engagement I support and encourage in all our parks, with groups like Friends of Moncur Park, the Icemasters, and others," says Councillor McMahon.
"I'm looking forward to spending time at the skatepark to meet some of these local park champions soon."
Updates as available will be posted on Councillor McMahon's website.

Ashbridges Bay Skatepark