The Martin Classic

Date: April 25, 2011 Author: Mantis System Categories: News

Ellis MartinBack in the fall of 2005, The Martin and I sat down to edit a quick 'best of video' of all of his footage.  We spent 5 hours working on it and almost finished it, but we decieded we'd had enough that day and planned to finish it the next day.
Well that next day never the project sat idly in my work folder for 6 years.  Then as I was trapped indoors this past rainy weekend I decieded to finish it once and for all.  Two hours of some minor edits and it was finally done.
Six years in the making...7 hours of work...The Martin Classic.
(P.S. All of Ellis' footage from our Boston Trip in 1999 was lost when my hard drive melted, so none of this footage is included.  This was some of Ellis' best early footage - including a 30 ft rail 50-50!  Maybe one day, I'll go back to the original tapes and find that footage...expect an updated version of this video in 6 years...)

The Martin Classic: 1997-2005