Built to Grind Contest Video/Results

Date: March 6, 2012 Author: Mantis System Categories: News

This past Saturday we had over 40 skaters and probably another 40 on-lookers come check out the new setup at the Skate Loft and do their best tricks on the granite ledge to help us celebrate the completion of our new granite & marble ledge!

The event was hosted by Dave Buchanan & Joel Scullard from Hammer, and Evey from the EY Skate Loft.
Prizes provided by Indy, DC, Hammer & the EY Skate Loft.

1st Zack Ferguson - Frontside Smith Ollie-out Late Backfootflip  (WTF?!?!)
2nd Jon Cos - Nollie blindside Bigspin to Switch Backside 5-0, 180 out
3rd Curtis - Frontside 50-50 Frontside 180 Pressureflip out
4th Jesse Loutitt - Bigspin Fronside Bluntslide
5th Ben Patterson - Hardflip Frontside Noseslide

Built to Grind Video Recap

Granite Ledge Jam: Built to Grind