2nd Phase of Ashbridges Bay Skatepark Cancelled!

Date: February 6, 2012 Author: Mantis System Categories: News

It is very important that we show our support for the 2nd phase of construction at the Ashbridges Bay Skate Park.
Councillor McMahon would like to reopen the debate for the funding of the second phase which has already been approved by council.
Getting this park built has been a 12 year long process. Press release below.

Please attend the rally to show your support

or email [email protected]
or call 416-392-1376 Councillor McMahon and let her know your position.

We have had too many setbacks and delays to be slowed down now!!!
Thanks for all you help,
Team EY

*Funding for Popular Ashbridges Bay Skateboard Park 2nd Phase Pulled*

Sandra Bussin Press Release January 31, 2012
*$300,000 T.T.C. benefit to be diverted to undisclosed uses to be determined by local councillor.*

Ashbridges Bay Skatepark

Today, at the Toronto Transit Commission Meeting, Beaches East York Councillor McMahon surprised the Commission with a motion to withdraw all funds earmarked for the 2nd phase of the Ashbridges Bay Skateboard Park. These funds were originally secured by former Councillor Sandra Bussin as part of the negotiations with the TTC requiring that a community benefit be provided arising out of the placement of the new TTC Storage and Maintenance facility located at the corner of Leslie Street and Lakeshore Boulevard.
This signature City Parks and Recreation project was developed through extensive consultation with the community, schools, and youth and skateboard enthusiasts. A special community working group was struck of stakeholder who played a major role in the development, design and selection of the park’s features.
The second phase was certainly understood by the community to be an essential part of the overall plan. This unexpected diversion of funds approved in December 2009 by the TTC Commission and City Council budget process, has been taken without community consultation or prior notice.
Undoubtedly, there will considerable disappointment felt by the community participants and the skateboarding public who werelooking forward to the completion of what would have been the premiere skateboard park, east of the Rockies.
“Since City Council approved this budget item, City Council approval should be required to extract these funds from this approved project”, said Sandra Bussin.