Barcelona 2010 Slideshow 2 & EY Skate Loft Preview!

Date: October 27, 2010 Author: Mantis System Categories: News

Continuing from last week, the 2nd slideshow features days 4 & 5 in Barcelona, with more skating at Alfonzo X, Barcelonetta, Parallel manuals, Canyelles & a session over a rail in an alley, as well as, plenty of street art/graffiti, Pep getting tore up on some brick banks and the famous Parc Guell designed by Gaudi.

Photos by: Nick Fulton, Ariel Stagni, Will Bartlett & Eric Simpson.

Barcelona - Part 2

For now Team EY's new full length Spain tour video "BEST IN EUROPE BRO!" is still on hold until December 4th, three trailers will be released in late November.

In the mean time Team EY has been busy building a new indoor skatepark in the East York area.  The new park will open in early November - check the 'EY Loft' webpage for more info.  Opening day to be announced soon...

See some of our progress so far...

 23' wide 4' high Mini ramp with 5' and 6' extensions is 100% done!  The street area is also 50% done!
Mini Ramp!



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