Team EY & FRG in NYC

Date: October 31, 2011 Author: Mantis System Categories: News

Nathan NYC
In late September, Team EY & FRG took a 4 day road trip to NYC.

See the Article, Photos & Video from Feel Reel Good below:

"Had the opportunity a few weeks ago to visit NYC for the first time with some buddies for a little skate mission. For years people have been telling me how much I would love it, and man were they ever right. That city is incredible – I mean I love Toronto and everything it has to offer, but I have never felt an energy like the one in New York. Having only 4 short days to skate around and check things out,  I instantly realized that you need at least a few weeks in this city to get a real vibe for it. Here is some footage I shoot,  with skating by Nathan Dell-Vandenberg, Nick Pierre, Yash Presswalla, Everett Maclean, and myself. Didn’t get tons of good shots, but I was honestly just too overwhelmed by everything the place had to offer to have my camera out the whole time. Like most of the best things in life, this place just left me wanting more. Big ups to all the EY guys for setting everything up and inviting me along! Again soon!"

NYC Skate Trip:
Featuring Pep, Yash, Evey, Kai & Nathan.