Nick Pierre

Nick "PEP" Pierre

Skating since: 1993
1979 in Providence, R.I.
Likes to skate:
ledges, ditches, mini-ramps & anything out of the ordinary.
Favorite spots: LOVE Park (RIP), Calf-ramp, Loft mini, schoolyards, streets of EY & marble plazas.
Favorite places:
Spain, Japan,
Agadir, Newfoundland, Vancouver Is. & Abu Dhabi.
When I'm not skating, I'm:
swimming, camping, river rafting, scuba diving, video editing or travelling the world...always looking for something new and livin' life!

Nick Pierre Photos

Nollie Backside Lipslide - TD Bank Nollie Backside Lipslide -... Smithgrind - EY Park Smithgrind - EY Park Wallride - EY Skate Loft Wallride - EY Skate Loft
Switch 180 - EY Skate Loft Switch 180 - EY Skate Loft Backside Smithgrind - EY Skate Loft Backside Smithgrind - EY... Contest MC - EY Park Contest MC - EY Park
Wallride - Cheapstunts Wallride - Cheapstunts Backside Tailslide - Norwood Backside Tailslide - Norwood Ollie - Burlington Ollie - Burlington
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Skating for 17 years now, Nick Pierre has taken his passion for skateboarding to accomplish much more than he ever expected.  He loosely formed Team EY in 1998, which has grown and evolved to become a significant presence in the Toronto and local East York skateboarding community.

He continuously produces and edits skateboarding films, creating over 100 short videos and 14 full length films since 1995 under his self-created PEPstudios. These films have documented the skateboarding progression of Team EY, as well as their extensive travels across Canada, across the US, Europe, Japan, the U.A.E and Morocco.  His most celebrated film, “EY Till I Die”, which featured both East York and Japan, premiered at the Music Hall Theatre in Toronto on Nov. 5th, 2005 to an audience of over 330 people!

He participated in the Skatepark Design & Steering Committee for several Toronto skateparks, including the East York Skatepark, where he worked with the lead designer to convey the wishes and wants of the local skateboarding community to ensure that the skatepark reflected the street elements of the surrounding area.  Since completion of the East York Skatepark in 2007, he has hosted, organized and emceed several contests, mural paintings and fundraisers, with attendances of 30-200 local skateboarders.

He has also worked on the design of both the Ellesmere Skatepark & Ashbridges Bay Skatepark in Toronto, as well as designed and help build the first ever indoor skateboard park in East York [EY Skate Loft] in November 2010.

Team EY and Nick Pierre's dedicated work with the community has been recognized with the 'City of Toronto Youth Group of the Year' award in 2007 and Nick Pierre was featured in one of the 14 essays in the 2010 book "Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto".

Developing a permanent local skatepark, building a winter skatepark get-away, premiering his films in theatres and travelling the world skateboarding are the achievements of some of Nick Pierre’s long time goals.  His passion lives on and he continues to work hard for the skateboarding community, while always keeping a smile on his face and a board under his feet.

  • Nick Pierre - 20 Tricks in 20 Years - PEPtrospective Trailer

    A trick from each year 1993 to 2013.
    20 years of skateboarding!
    Full length PEPtrospective coming soon.

    Posted: Jun 23, 2013
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