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PEPstudios is an independent video production company that focuses on filming and documenting Team EY's skateboarding and their extensive world travels.  PEPstudios was founded in 2001 and is based out of East York, Canada. 

PEPstudios' roots began in the summer of 1995, when Nick Pierre (Producer & Chief Video Editor) began filming friends skateboarding for fun, under the banner Nick Pierre's 2VCR Productions.  This casual passtime with friends using shaky VHS cameras and editing on two VCRs has evolved into the current PEPstudios full production studio, which comprises: directing, producing, videography, photography, digital editing, musical direction, post-production and DVD authoring.

PEPstudios has produced 14 full length films and over 100 short films.  The full length films are released annually (almost) and feature Team EY's skateboarding in Toronto & East York and/or their international skateboarding and adventures.  The short films tend to feature smaller roadtrips/tours within Canada/U.S. or promotional videos for individual Team EY riders or vignettes on a skatepark or event.  Several of the full length films and short films have been co-produced by ZooMedia, which has been partnering with Nick Pierre's 2VCR Productions/PEPstudios since 1999. 

Travel films include: across Canada (Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Montreal & Newfoundland), across the U.S. (New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Kettering OH, Louisville, San Diego, Los Angeles & San Francisco), Japan (Tokyo, Tsukuba), Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga & south-east coast), Amsterdam, London, U.A.E (Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah & Abu Dhabi) & Morocco (Casablanca, Rabat, Bouznika, Tagazout & Agadir).


Best in Europe Bro! (Coming in 2011) 

Streets of EY (2010)   trailer

Morocco Tal Mout (2008)   full movie

EY: Land of Milk & Honey (2007)   trailer

Middle East York: Dubai & Abu Dhabi (2007)   full movie

EY Till I Die (2005)   trailer    FEATURED --->

Far East York: Japan Tour (2005) 

I Still Love EY (2004)   trailer    FEATURED

I Love EY (2003)   trailer    FEATURED

Westside-Eastside 2000 (2001)   trailer

Welcome to East York (1999)   trailer

Urban Obsession (Sugar Rush) (1997)   trailer


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  • EY Till I Die - Intro/Trailer

    Intro to the full length Team EY Film: 'EY Till I Die', 2005.
    Posted: Mar 6, 2010
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