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East York Skatepark
Outdoor concrete skatepark.  FREEEast York Skatepark
Photos & Videos
Community skatepark with a street area bordering on plaza style and a tight 5’-6’ figure 8 bowl.  The street area consists of a Pier 7 manny pad, Commerce Court style multiple 3-sets, some larger sets, various rails and ledges, different sized hubbas, a long banked ledge (“The Wave”) and two granite caped ledges: one down the double set and one over a grass gap.  Great vibe and dedicated locals.

Stan Wadlow Park.  888 Cosburn Ave just east of Woodbine.
TTC: Take the 91 Woodbine bus from Woodbine Station to Cosburn Ave. Go east on Cosburn to the park (1-2 mins).

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EY Skate Loft
Private indoor skatepark.  $10EY Skate Loft
Open to public on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday or Rain days.
More info here, Photos & Videos
Team EY's private park. Includes a mini-ramp 23' wide 4' high with 5’ & 6’ extentions and a street area is in an 'L' shape with a bank in one corner flowing into a hip/quaterpipe that opens up into a wide street area with a manny pad, ledges and a flat bar, leading into a wide bank with a 2 1/2' quarterpipe in the middle and wallride off to one side. 

6 Curity A
ve, across from the Home Depot east of St. Clair & Oconnor.
TTC: Take the 91 or 91C bus from Woodbine Station to Curity Ave.  Go around to the back of building to 'Door K2' - the only section of the
building with a 2nd floor, look for 'EY Skate Loft' on the door.

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Outdoor concrete skatepark.  FREEVanderhoof LedgeVanderhoof Bowl
Photos & Videos
The best bowl in Ontario, with a long 5' shallow-end mini-ramp curving into an 10' deep-end bowl, with pool coping in the deep-end and an over-vert cradle.  Also, includes small street area with a long grind ledge, kicker to 3-set, 6 set with small hubbas.  Old man sessions on the regular.

Leonard Linton Park
. On Vanderhoof Ave, just east of Laird & south of Eglinton.
TTC: Take the Leaside 56 bus from Donlands Station to Vanderhoof Ave. Go east on Vanderhoof until you get to the park (2-3 mins).

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Ashbridges Bay Skatepark
Outdoor concrete skatepark.  FREE
Ashbridges Bay SkateparkInteractive Tour
The largest skatepark in Ontario.  Massive plaza style street skatepark, with plenty of ledges, banks and gaps.  Stairs, rails and hubbas down 5, 8 & 11 stairs.  Includes replicas of several downtown Toronto skatespots, including the Commerce Court circle.  Lots of street variety here, very little transition.  Great for pure street skateboarding.

Ashbridges Bay Park.  Lakeshore & Coxwell (bottom of Coxwell at Lakeshore).

TTC: Take the 22 Coxwell South bus from Coxwell Station to Queen St. Continue south on Coxwell towars the Lake (2-3 mins).

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Ellesmere Skatepark
Outdoor concrete skatepark.  FREEEllesmere Skatepark
Photos & Videos
Flow style skatepark, with a mix of flow/bowl area in the centre surrounded by plenty of ledges, banks stairs, rails and hubbas around the outer ring. Lots of variety here, good mix of street and transition.  Watch were you go in this park, it can get hectic.

Ellesmere Community Center. 20 Canadian Rd, just east of Warden & south of Ellesmere.
TTC: Take the 68 Warden bus from Warden Station to Canadian Rd.  Go east on Canadian Rd to the community center (1-2 mins).

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DunBat Skatepark
Temporary outdoor skatepark.  FREEDunBatDunBat mini
Open spring to fall, with lights on until 11pm.
Wooden skatepark on super smooth ground rebuilt annually by Rob Poyner.  Set-up changes every year, but usually includes several ledges, manual pads, banks and a 5' mini ramp.
Great for late night sessions on a hot day.

Scadding Court Community Center.  707 Dundas St W at Bathurst.
TTC: Take the 511 Bathurst streetcar from Bathurst Station to Queen.  The community center is on the southeast corner.

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Toronto Skateparks

  1. East York
  2. EY Skate Loft
  3. Vanderhoof
  4. Ashbridges Bay
  5. Ellesmere
  6. DunBat
  7. more to come...

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