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Migs in Seoul

Posted: Jun 18, 2012

Migs in Seoul, South Korea.
April 2012.

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Tags: tour, migs

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Pep, Will Bartlett, Eric Simpson & Shamus went to Seoul, South Korea for 2 weeks in April to visit Migs & friends and to skate some untouched granite plazas, drink freely in the streets,...
Pep in Seoul, South Korea.April 2012.
Migs in Seoul, South Korea.April 2012.
Team EY and FRG's 4 day road trip to New York City, Sept 2011.  Featuring: Pep, Yash, Evey, Kai & Nathan.  Thanks to Kai from FeelReelGood for filming and putting this together.
(4 mins 37 secs)
Team EY's full length Spain tour video "Best in Europe BRO!" is now completely online!Good times were had by all in Spain...good weather, good food, beaches, crazy skate spots, the laid back...
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