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Yash Presswalla

Skating since: 2000
1986 in Bombay, India.
Likes to skate:
in the evening.
Favorite spots:
EY Park.

Favorite places:
When I'm not skating, I'm:
playing music.

Yash Photos

Kickflip - Tokyo Kickflip - Tokyo Ollie - Taiwan Ollie - Taiwan Frontside Kickflip for the crowd - Greenwood Frontside Kickflip for the...
Polljam Backside 180 - EY Park Polljam Backside 180 - EY Park Frontside Noseslide - Norwood Frontside Noseslide - Norwood Smith - NYC Smith - NYC
5050 - Flushing Queens 5050 - Flushing Queens Running Acid-Drop Leap - Flushing Queens Running Acid-Drop Leap -... Indy - Tokyo Indy - Tokyo
Boardslide - Hull, QC Boardslide - Hull, QC Frontside Boardslide - Vic West Frontside Boardslide - Vic... K-Grind - Norwood K-Grind - Norwood
Tailslide - Norwood Tailslide - Norwood Rock n Roll - Vanderhoof Rock n Roll - Vanderhoof Drop-in - on a roof Drop-in - on a roof
K-Grind - EY Park K-Grind - EY Park
  • Best in Europe BRO! part 1: Barcelona

    Barcelona come on!...featuring Pep, Yash & Fulton

    Over the next two months eyskate.com will be the releasing Team EY's new full length Spain tour video "Best in Europe BRO!" online, part by part.
    So now, if you missed the video premiere party at the EY Skate Loft you can see it all here.

    Posted: Mar 5, 2011
    Tags: nick, pierre, tour, yash, fulton

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