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ZooMediaPhile is a one man film and photography company, with special intrests in architecture, wildlife photography, as well as skateboarding and time lapses in film. ZooMediaPhile developed an interest in visual media through his family (several are professional and published photographers) and through his love of skateboarding, which inspired ZooMediaPhile to film videos to share with friends. Over time, the obsessive compulsive desire to constantly improve on angles, lighting and focus helped to develop an already existing natural skill.

ZooMediaPhile has extensive experience in innumerable shooting scenarios for advertising and promotions, private functions, private collections, special occasions (weddings/birthdays/etc.), music videos and public events. No Copyright Infringement Intended. Any music used without permission is tribute to the skill of the artist involved. A special thanks to artists and lables who have granted permission.

ZooMediaPhile revels in the ability to steal a desireable moment from time... if only for a short while.

Full Length Films:
Punching Dodo (2007)



RMF Cinema

  • Punching Dodo

    Trailer for the Team EY Asia tour video, 2007.
    Posted: Mar 29, 2010
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